PRO-MOTION provides its own in-house systems to it's customers as an available service.

Inventory Warehouse Management System, known as the “iWMS”.

  • Web Store Front, On-Line Ordering
  • Smart and Virtual Warehouse Online

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Transportation and Logistics Software System, known as the “iTLS System”.

  • Shipping Software for Labeling, Documentation and Automation
  • On-Line Shipping for Pickup Request, Shipment Entry, Day-End Manifest, Documentation and Reporting

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We can customized our Screens and Access to personalize it for your business and your customers

Working with you to provide customized solutions, seamless business to business integration.

Dedicated IT Department to work with our customers to provide seamless integration of services.

We support and provide integration services for E-Commerce, EDI and B2B.

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Customized solutions

Our added value services also include information technology services from our own in-house IT Department catering to your specific needs.

We can tailor our already flexible systems to suit your exact requirements from process flow, to customized data entry screens to changing our reports to suit your needs.

We customized our own in-house systems to suit your business requirements.

We Work For You

We will ask you how we can integrate your business operations with ours to provide seamless transparency.

Some benefits we will create are,

  • reduce duplicate entry
  • streamline paper flow and documentation
  • provide your information at your fingertips, so you can make complete business decisions.
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